We love, embrace and contribute to Open Source, and we are sure you do too. But to be honest – sometimes it isn’t all your company needs. Open Source is a way of building software, not a vendor itself.

When Zimbra Open Source goes wrong, it can be incredibly frustrating. Trying to find the expert or the expertise you need, trying to work out what the problem is, searching for hours in our Wiki or external Blogs for documentation, even asking in forums and waiting for a reply while your system is down can become a really tricky situation from a business perspective.

Perhaps you, or anyone in your company, doesn’t have enough expertise. There may be legal, contractual or organizational requirements to have formal, external support in place, especially at the university or government level. It may be that you simply want reassurance if and when the worst happens.

Ensure your Business Email with Zimbra Open Source Edition (OSE) Support, providing the same level of reliable technical support for open source edition as for our Network Edition. Supporting millions of mailboxes already, Zimbra Open Source Edition Support provides many advantages for Zimbra’s open source user base:

  • Elevate to Business Ready: OSE Support can take your Zimbra deployment to the business-ready level.
  • Local Support: Now the millions of Zimbra OSE users can get support in their local language, during their business hours, by people who understand their culture.
  • Provided by Experts: Receive support from the people who know Zimbra best!